The Passion Behind Personal Best

Lois Courchaine

Lois Courchaine

Personal Best is a woman-owned small business operated by Lois Courchaine. After working passionately for more than 20 years to increase public awareness about waste reduction and recycling issues; Lois felt it was time to say adieu to environmental issues and pick up the gauntlet for another personal passion: helping others find success and fulfillment in their own careers.

Most of us know the feeling of getting up most mornings and dreading going to work. According to experts:

“Of the approximately 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs, 30 million (30%) are engaged and inspired at work, so we can assume they have a great boss. At the other end of the spectrum are roughly 20 million (20%) employees who are actively disengaged. These employees, who have bosses from hell that make them miserable, roam the halls spreading discontent. The other 50 million (50%) American workers are not engaged. They’re just kind of present, but not inspired by their work or their managers.”

Lois is dedicated to helping people get on track to be the best at whatever they choose to do. So, she is now a Gallup Corporation Certified StrengthsFinder Coach. Lois has experience in working with a wide variety of clients, helping them gain self-knowledge and confidence to move forward in their careers and relationships.

Lois understands, from first-hand experience, the importance of knowing what you do well, and leveraging those activities to grow and succeed. She enjoys working with a wide array of individuals and organizations, especially those that are college-bound, or considering a career change.

For more information on Lois Courchaine and Personal Best, you can email her at or call her at (925) 212-9779. For more information on Gallup Corporation’s StrengthsFinder visit:

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