In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2016–2017 academic year averaged $24,610. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $49,320.

  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics only 46% of students who start college ever finished and received a degree. Of those only about 40% of college students graduate within 4 years, and only about 60% graduate after 6 years.
  • Up to 75% of college students change their major at least once, generally adding to the time and expense of attainting their degree.
  • College grads expect that their education will lead to a better life. But only one in 10 alumni are thriving in all five elements of their well-being.
  • For students, living a great life starts when they discover and develop what they naturally do best.


What major should I choose?

              While everyone is influenced by someone – or something – in their choice of a career, when it comes to choosing a college major, that decision is a big one that can influence the rest of your life. Choosing a career based on random criteria (e.g. salary) will not lead to automatic success. If you choose a college major based solely on earning potential, you could be setting yourself up for a big disappointment. But, what if you could have a successful career based on what you do best?

What do I do well?

              All people have natural abilities. Those things that you both enjoy and are good at doing; and when you’re doing it, it’s as if time stands still. For those of us who have not been exposed to a wide range of experiences, it may take some work to find out just where you fit in. This is where the StrengthsFinder assessment can help. However, you will need more than just your assessment results to really understand how you can use your abilities and talents to hone your strengths. That’s where coaching comes in. Having a coach helps to increase self-awareness and accountability, key factors in personal development and life satisfaction.

What if I’m miserable with my current major?

              The majority of college students will change their major at least once during their college career, with many changing up to 3 times. Why struggle through college (and a career) doing something that does not satisfy your innate talents? You will be much happier and successful in the long-term doing what you love and what you are good at.

How do I make the most of my interviews?

              In today’s competitive job market, it is really important to make an outstanding first impression. College students who may have limited social experiences in a workplace setting, might have difficulties getting a job. How do you get a leg-up on the competition? “New research shows that the vast majority of employers (88%) are looking for a “cultural fit” over skills in their next hire as more and more companies focus on attrition rates. The top three traits employers are looking for in their next employee is: professionalism (86%), high-energy (78%) and confidence (61%).”   Working with an independent coach will help you gain practical experience and confidence to put you in a winning position.

Whether you are just starting your college career or you are a recent college graduate, Personal Best can help you figure out the next best steps.

Career Coaching:
• Help you achieve better perspective about your skills and passions.
• Motivate you to hone your natural talents to increase your success.
• Work with you to develop your career goals and pathways.

Testimonial, Amy, Lois Courchaine